Guangzhou Bochi Biotechnology Co.,Ltd
Sales Engineer
Requirements 1. Sell cosmetics raw material products of our company to cosmetic manufacturers.

2. Have certain experience and resources in cosmetic products or raw materials industry.

3. Bachelor degree or above in related major, able to understand and explain the company's products at the technical and specific operation level.

4. Be able to provide finished or semi-finished product formula design service to target customers and make samples.

5. The salary range is the base salary, and there is another commission according to the sales performance.

6. The scope, form and salary of the work can be negotiated according to the specific situation. Face to face discussion is welcome.

Company benefits:

Base salary + high commission + business subsidy + Social Security + paid vacation + weekend weekend + flexible working hours
Sales Representative
Requirements 1. To sell cosmetics raw materials to cosmetic manufacturers.

2. Have chemical, biological and related professional background.

3. Welcome the fresh graduates of related majors.

4. Those who have experience in the industry are preferred, and the base salary can be increased.

5. The basic salary of the post is 4000-5000, and there is a performance commission, which is to be discussed in person.

Company benefits:

Base salary + high commission + business subsidy + Social Security + paid vacation + weekend weekend + flexible working hours
marketing consultant
Requirements 1. Interpret and translate the technical materials of our company's foreign products, make our product publicity materials, train and support front-line sales personnel.

2. Collect and analyze the latest trends, technical research and other business information of cosmetics and raw materials industry at home and abroad, so as to provide decision-making reference for upstream and downstream expansion of the company.

3. Using English as the working language, translation of foreign mail, instant interpretation of telephone and video conference, and other overseas contact affairs.

4. Europe, America and Asia go abroad to see exhibitions and visit suppliers to accompany translators.

5. Have a master's degree or above in related major, and have high academic understanding and explanation ability.

Proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing, overseas study and working experience is preferred.

7. Face to face communication is welcome.
E-commerce operations manager
Responsibilities 1. According to the company's strategic objectives, formulate the overall operation plan of e-commerce, including the construction and operation management of various e-commerce platforms;

2. Planning and daily operation of online stores, including the overall page planning, product loading and unloading, data monitoring, customer service, commodity management, logistics management, etc;

3. Responsible for the packaging of the company's key products (cosmetics, skin care, sports goods) to promote the rapid marketing and sales of the products;

4. According to the official activities, use marketing tools to plan all kinds of publicity activities to improve the browsing volume and ranking of commodities;

5. Master the trend and development of e-commerce market, constantly explore and update the marketing mode, so as to diversify the marketing mode of commodities;

6. Regularly track, evaluate and analyze the promotion effect, feed back the operation situation to the management and put forward improvement measures;
Requirements 1. Bachelor degree, more than 3 years of e-commerce operation experience, proficient in various station operation rules and skills;

2. Strong knowledge of e-commerce operation, able to guide e-commerce platform planning, design, promotion, sales, customer service and logistics;

3. He has rich practical experience in online activities promotion, has a wide range of knowledge, active thinking, understands the characteristics of new media, and is proficient in all kinds of current network marketing promotion methods;

4. Strong ability of market analysis, marketing and problem solving;

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