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About Us
Our advantages include exclusive agent resources, high-quality, innovative and safe products, strict raw material testing system, efficient logistics and transportation, technical support and reference formulations, and technical seminars with suppliers.

Guangzhou Bochi Biological Technology Co., Ltd  Guangzhou bochi Biotechnology Co., Ltd 广州博驰生物科技有限公司
Established in 2009, we have been dedicated to docking global specialty cosmetic ingredients with China’s needs and providing the most valuable solutions. We are a professional agent and distributor of raw materials for personal care products.Currently, our main products cover raw materials for skin care products, hair care products and cosmetics. Over the years, with high quality products, good reputation and excellent service, we have developed into an emerging enterprise in the field of supply and sales of cosmetic ingredients. We have established cooperative relationship with more than 400 domestic customers all over East China, South China, North China and Southwest China.
Continuous Innovation and Moral Support Continuous innovation
Our mission is “to learn from the best, to explore the world”. By collecting a wide range of raw materials with characteristics at home and abroad and understanding the latest product information and trends, we introduce the most characteristic and latest development achievements and products that can best meet the current care needs and trends into China to provide cost-effective raw materials and industry information for the broad masses of Chinese cosmetic customer and build a bridge from suppliers of high-quality raw materials to Chinese cosmetic manufacturers.
to Learn from the Best, to Explore the World
With the business philosophy of “continuous innovation and moral support”, we are constantly pursuing excellence and professionalism. In addition to providing high quality raw materials, we have been equipped with professional laboratories, professional equipment and senior technical engineers to provide customers with timely market information, from product concept and formula design to production and marketing. Together with customers, we will grasp the opportunity to innovate the brand in time.